Large Frames

Frames have standardized size measurements to help opticians fit their customers. Everyone is different, and some men and women with larger faces have a hard time finding standard frames that fit comfortably across their face. In response to demand, most eyewear lines now include at least a few frame designs that come in larger sizes.

What are large frames?

Large eyeglass frames are designed to complement larger face shapes and balance distinct facial features. Oversized frames can be worn to make a fashion statement or simply to match larger facial proportions. There are large eyeglass frame styles available from most eyewear lines, including designer brands. These frames are designed specifically for people with wider faces and those who need longer temple pieces.

Why are large frames worn?

When eyeglass frames are too small, they can appear to squeeze the face and temples. They may be physically uncomfortable for the wearer and they usually do not flatter the face. Larger frames are designed to fit comfortably on people with larger heads. These glasses are more comfortable and attractive; they do not sacrifice on style or design, they are simply manufactured on a larger-than-average scale.

Benefits of large frames

The primary benefit of larger eyeglass frames is that they provide the best fit. It is important not to underestimate the value of a properly fitted pair of eyeglasses. Poorly fitted eyewear can interfere with vision and cause physical discomfort. For people with larger than average sized faces, large eyeglass frames provide the comfort they need to get through the day and perform normal activities.

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